What do Emerson Drive, The Road Hammers, Beverley Mahood and Amanda Wilkinson all have in common? GISELLE! Each of these Canadian star talents have collaborated with Giselle on her new album, 'Ready When You Are'.

After touring the world with Keith Urban, George Strait and Brooks & Dunn as a member of the David Foster produced trio "Lace", Giselle launches her first solo album on Thursday, November 13th at the King Street Theatre Centre in downtown Kitchener.

“I work best when there is no agenda, no structure, no schedule. I can draw the blinds, make a tea, and the rest of the world outside starts to quiet down – as do the voices in my head (that sounds schizophrenic, doesn’t it?) – then I can write."

"So it has been a challenge as a wife and mom, to get everything out of the hallways of my mind and onto paper or put to music, in amongst the regular demands of daily life!”

"E.L Doctorow once said that 'writing (an album) is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way'. And I thought – how true! I don’t need to see where I'm going or my ultimate destination or everything I pass along the way. I just have to see two or three feet in front of me.”

 What is the industry saying about Giselle’s album?

"The selections are quite riveting and very relatable. Giselle's songwriting comes to life in her vibrant vocals with a sincerity that easily captures her audience"

Linda Martelli - announcer, KX94-7 New Country FM

“I've actually been a fan since "I want the Fairytale"!! --- fell in love with your infectious energy and charisma -- well done with LACE and now the new solo album! Ready When You Are is a fantastic lead-off single!”

Warren Sonada - acclaimed video director / film maker, 235 Films

Heart's Still Breaking

Ready When You Are

Let My Love

Turn It All Down

I'd Do It All Again

Too Far to Fall

Movin' On

Right Where I Wanna Be

Little Things